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Holy Crap an entry!! :o   
11:07pm 20/08/2006
  Havent been active on LJ like forever..time to get active before my senior year starts. lol

Well Right now I am at my last two week of summer. This whole summer I been working at AMC and meeting new people by the truck load. x.x; I know some of them Have LJ but im always lazy when im online. ><

I been active like everyday though. I wasent in a hurry to get my licence when earler but now that I am alot more busy lately it make me regret not getting it earlyer. =.=; Now I have to get another permit here in VA like this week and hoepfully I will get my licence and a car by my birthday.

I just might start over and make a new LJ and hopefully start to get into the habit again to recored everthing every other day. x.x

but to all the people that are starting the collge life good luck to ya. I would get more specific but it would be much too long, I am going to most likely make my account now so I will make a edit. ^^


New Live journal account  kiisu_mura, time to start off fresh and such.  Can anyone make me an Icon? ^^; cause I suck at it and I know some of you enjoy makeing them.  Well that about it for this account..add my new one. ^^
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01:37am 14/05/2006
  ehh just wanted to say im alive. >.>

Wanted to post a entry for a while but been to lazy to...and im still am.

Got a job here like 3 weeks ago and just got back from work (1:41am)

tomorrow I should make a real entry...hopefully. xD
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10:04pm 10/04/2006
  Well im in GA now for spring break that starts this week.

I pretty much got a job when I get back to VA. I should of had it on thursday but that when I had to leave for GA. >< I am going to be working at the AMC down at the mall.

School been pretty easy so far. This semester is really easy since it was kinda messed up since I left in the middle of the year. I am starting to get a good work habit in so hopefully school wont be that bad anymore.

Other than that I just been hanging out with new friends and such. Playing everybody copy of Kingdom Heart two.

I don't feel like puting in a long entry...just telling everyone im alive. lol
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09:23pm 19/03/2006
mood: tired
Again haven't updated in a while. It's not because i haven't been doing anything but cause I just been lazy/ too tired to do it.

The school blocked LJ because the new linked the Myspace crimes to LJ...-.- so I could of been updating more. ::shrugs::

School is pretty easy here since the grading system is like 10 points lower than it is in GA. The block scheduling makes it easy to do h/w instead of doing it right off the back.

There are alot of sakura trees around woodbridge that are starting to bloom which is awesome. There the D.C sakura festival that coming up pretty soon which is pretty much like Japan fest in GA..hopefully I will make it to that.

I have a tendency to get along with everyone. A friend told me that once but i did not pay too much attention to it but now i believe her. o.o I pretty much fit in with every group. lol So everyday for the past week I been going to friends house playing DDR, Halo 2, money matches of billiards and hanging out in the clubhouse we have. x.x;

I also found seven SSBM players here and owned them all, so now I'm there teacher. xD The only smasher I haven't played is said to be a smash pro. By the way they are talking about him he might be good as aura. O.o I hope he good cause I want to play someone good or better than me. lol

Also still looking for a job around. The mall have alot of opening and I'm pretty sure I am going to work there. I went to the mall and applied at a couple of places Tuesday and played alot of DDR. lol

Ohh and I am barowing the book The Art of War. The book is pretty interesting, something worth reading.

that it in a small nutshell..if I went in detail on events this entry would be too long. lol
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08:41pm 05/03/2006
  This weekend I basicly went over to some new friends houses and played some Halo 2 and was bored the other half and just lurked around mysapce. lol

The only thing I been doing was just meeting new people and studying some japanese here and there.
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life right now   
09:25pm 27/02/2006
mood: tired
Haven't typed a entry in a while so I guess I'll do it now. lol

School here have been going pretty well. Meeting bunch of new people as always with my country wide experience lol. Over the weekend I went with some new friends to the arcade and played some games. These people where vets at the arcade games and I haven't played in a arcade since the Mortal Combat days......so I got owned badly lol. Hopefully I will get skills soon though. lol

Also everyone at this school is rich and plays WoW. I been hearing so many good this about this game now that I might pick it up this weekend. >.>;; even though I heard once you play the game you are going to be hooked.

Today was the fist time my hand actually went numb by the cold. o.o Cause we had to work outside in 30 degree weather (maybe 20 degree because of wind) in construction. x.x Then i was one of the guys chosen to take the 120+ pound a quarter mile back inside the class room......hands went dead after that. -.- It's all cool though, I never took any type of construction class before so I'm really foreign to the whole process. Knowing this stuff makes me feel more secured standing on 2-100 story building now since I know how it's build. lol

Wish the pool would open soon. x.x I been living the gamer/otaku lifestyle for a while now since there nothing to do that much around here and now im getting out of shape. x.x I need to exercise more and the main way i usually do that is swim (since i used to be on the swim team). I think there is a indoor pool some where around here...I have to check that out.

think that it....WooT a semi long entry. lol
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07:09pm 11/02/2006
  It's snowing. ^^.....lol it funny to watch southern people panic over little snow. xD

by now they expected 10 inches of snow...and it just started to stick to the ground lol

Other than that, yesterday our school had a peprally...all these events when I’m still trying to find my way around. x.x Also our teacher let of late; so in the end I got stuck in the sophomore section, oh well.

Got some more job applications today..xD and tomorrow is my birthday. lol

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pulled fire alarm..and a bomb threat in one day.   
08:48pm 09/02/2006
  Right after lunch we had a unexpected fire alarm. I went to my next class which was constuction tech. The teacher gave me vauge directions on where to go..so I got lost for like 3 min. lol Found the teacher then met some more people while waiting in the cold. Finnaly was allowed back in and we put the roof on our barn shed which took about 30 min then another alarm went on.

After about waiting another 15 min in the cold we went to 7th period. It was only a one hour class so we did not do that much. At the last ten min the school mass produced this letter.

Dear Parents:

Today we had two incidents about which I would like to inform you.

At approximately 10:35 a.m one of our young students accidentally pulled a fire alarm.

In addition we had a written bomb threat which required us to evacuate the building a second time at 12:17 p.m to ensure safty of the students and staff.

The proper authorites were contracted and the building was deemed safe at 12:35 p.m.

lol..that was pretty funny.
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12:15pm 06/02/2006
  There are no restriction at this school..o.o I can go on most of my site now.  
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06:30pm 05/02/2006
mood: calm
I haven't been doing too much lately. I only been watching Onmyou Taisenk. Pretty cool anime once I got into it. Other than that I just been doing the normal boring stuff non unique stuff that not worth posting up. :P

My birthday is on the 12th but like every year I am not thinking much about it. :P

umm need to change my LJ layout also...might do that soon as well.

Ohh it seems like I'm understating Japanese a little more now. I understand grammar pretty much now I just do not know words...like "live journal".

Also I watched my Neighbor totoro..and alot of other Miyazaki fims...Miyazaki rock.

End~ lol
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08:32pm 31/01/2006
  I started school today. The school that I go to is two storeys tall and have a block schedule. Block schedule is where you only take three classes per day but the classes are two hours long. As long as my teachers are not boring it shouldn't be that bad. lol

I barley found my bus though. lol...barely. lol

not in a mood to make a huge entry so I'll stop here.
04:31pm 30/01/2006
  Well last weekend I figured out the whole train routes and such. It not that hard or confusing really since the city itself is not the big. I went to the Washington Auto show. That was cool with alot of different cars. After that I walked around and ended up in china town. lol

I start school tomorrow and the bus arrives at 6:30..x.x;. Also my B-day is in a few weeks. o.o...forgoten about it as usual.

But other than that I been taking it easy these past days.
finnaly settled in VA.   
07:51pm 22/01/2006
  Well I am finnaly setteled in Woodbrige Virgina.

The place is really cool. I am right behind a train station that goes to Washington D.c because we are on the border of Virgina because my dad is working in Washington D.C. We are staying at these new apartment complex since it just me and my dad. We are on the fourth floor with an aw some view of this lake which is pretty cool. Five minutes away from where I am staying is the biggest mall in Virgina and it big. x.x My dad and I where just skimming the area and it took a good 30 min just to go down one end and back without visiting any stores lol. The Area around the mall is huge and confusing as well. They had a Swedish furnish story that was two storeys high and had two restaurants lol. We got lost looking for some Laps and shower curtains for like 5 min. x.x The School I'm going to is called Freedom High School. It's a brand new school with no seniors yet lol. There not done with there First semester yet so I have another week off before I go back to school. :)

I wrote that a few days ago (guess Mon-Thursday time spand of events) when I had some free time and decided to write some of the entry on note pad since I did not have Internet access yet. lol

On Friday I went down to the DC area. I saw all the monuments and everything so that was pretty cool. Saturday we went to another mall that was about 10 miles away which was still big. The mall had a anime rental store in there which was the same size as blockbuster but only had Anime/ Asain films. I ended up buying the samurai champloo OST and finally found animal crossing DS, which took forever to find. lol

I already met people as well at the clubhouse thingy they have here. Was online looking around Myspace they came back from school and went on it as well. lol

Now I'm just watching football as NONE of the teams I'm going for win the AFC or NFC...lame... lol

ohh my Wisdom teeth are healed now. ^^
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09:38am 10/01/2006
  Never slept so long im my life..=.=  
02:30pm 05/01/2006
mood: numb
The wisdom tooth surgery wasn't that bad at all. I had a WTF moment when I saw all the stuff they where going to use on me O.o it was alot of crap. They put some type of gas on me that felt like it did not do anything but four people poped out of nowhere. They put is IV on me then the next thing I remembered was, me being in a wheelchair. lol Once I got to my senses I acted all anime badass and walked by myself but I couldn't say a word because my mouth was completely numb. xD

I went to my moms new apartment and slept for a few house with J-pop being my best friend. lol

Half of my mouth is numb right now..and I ruined my shirt because I drooled blood all over it while sleeping. x.x other than that I'm fine right now listening to AOL radio found AIM without downloading it.

::edit:: movers messed up and made us one week behind so I am most likely goignt to school on monday.
10:14pm 02/01/2006
  tomrrow is going to be the most pointless day of school ever..-.-

I also going to get my Wisodom Theeth officaly taken out Thursday. :D today they just told me I could die from the surgury.....-.-.
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10:41pm 01/01/2006
  Yea should of kept up with my entry's so I don't have to type that much. >< i'll try to make it short as possible.

lets see...

The past two week I been packing up things and helping my mom move in here place. During my free time I been watching Live Action GTO (watched 8 out of the 12 episodes today. lol) and been playing FF8 a little bit. On Friday I had my second SSBM tourney. I had some of the best players there so that was fun.

The state im moveing to is on the edge of Virgina..forgot what the city called though ><. Im going to be moveing on the 10th of January and don't know if im going back to school in GA yet. ::shrugs::

For Chistmas I just got at best buy gift card and a Old Navy Gift card since im going to be in way diffrent climate I have to get more clothes.

as for new years I did not do anything sinc I not old enough to do whatever you do on new years. lol I was so tired from moving and hosting my Tourney I fell asleep 30 min before midnight. lol

so that what been going on here..nothing much really. lol
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Trying to keep up consistant updates. lol   
12:58am 24/12/2005
mood: tired ish
In the morning I had to clean up the house. We have to keep the house spotless 24/7 because anyone can look inside our house anytime they want to it seems.

Basically chilled online for a few then Wes came by and play him in ssbm for few hours. (dam that captain falcon >.>)

umm went to the movies with friends of mine Alex, Jesse, Kayla, Tiffany, and Ashley. We watched Chronicle of Narnia which is a surprisingly good movie. I also saw the other half Japanese girl but we had ticket problems because the movie was sold out. Once we settled the problem she disappeared like a ninja. ><

After the movie I spent like 5 bucks playing soul calibar II lol. Now im here typeing this up.

ohh yea you still want me come over tomrrow Jason?
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trying not to be lazy and update my LJ lol   
02:26pm 20/12/2005
mood: calm
Finnals are finnaly over and seems like im doing good right now. Accourding to edlind im passing all my classes. ^^

Just found out the state that im moving to which is Virgina lol. My dad there now geting a house and the one he trying to get has like subway ect right across the street so maybe I can get a job this time lol. Random people keep coming to our hosue to look at it and such. I think the movers are coming here on the 4th and latest we are moving at is the 10th. And I get my wisdom thooth pulled on the 2nd of January. fun.. x.x

I think on Friday i'm going to a chrismas get together with friends. On the 30th im going to hold another SSBM tourney but other than that the chismas I have nothing really planed out.

Just felt like puting something in here I think im going back to playing FF-8. lol
08:25pm 11/12/2005
mood: sick
being sick sucks..x.x and soon have to get my wisdom theeth pulled soon...x.x; and finals..x.x;;; fun...x.x;;;;